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Worker's Compensation Review

Worker's Compensation Review

Necessary and critical to any business with employees, worker's compensation premiums often present recovery possibilities. Eight out of ten businesses have been, or are currently, overcharged on their worker's compensation premiums.* Overcharges can occur to mom and pop stores as well as to Fortune 500 companies. Do you have the detailed knowledge of how premiums are determined and what deductions are available in order to recover your money?

Our Worker's Compensation Audits specialize in recovering worker's compensation overcharges and providing cost-saving recommendations for reducing current and future premium costs. Typically, we conduct a retrospective review of a company's premiums covering a five to seven year period. The bulk of the work is spent conducting an analysis of your company's data and records including:

  • Final audit billing statements
  • Experience rating worksheet calculations
  • Policy declaration pages
  • Auditor worksheets
  • Loss history summaries and claims reserves
  • and special rating plans.

From start to finish, reviews take, on average, one to six months. And the great news- companies often receive reimbursement of overpayments within four to six weeks following the requested audit.

For case studies of Workers' Compensation recoveries we have made, click here.

*WorkComp Premium Recovery Group, Denver, Colorado



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