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Wireless Management and Optimization

Wireless Management and Optimization

Businesses with wireless devices are receiving bills every month (if detailed) of up to hundreds of pages. Who is looking at this? Nobody, just ask them. The customer pushes the invoice around for a few weeks and then just pays it, period. There are errors every month without them knowing about it.

Our Wireless Management and Optimization program is an 18 month program for businesses spending a minimum of $1,000 per month.

What we really do for our clients is to help them Optimize and Manage Wireless Expenses.

First, we optimize the account. After a thorough analysis of the monthly bills, we will make recommendations that will save (on average) 20-25% going forward without making changes to the carrier, phones or numbers. This service will work regardless of the carrier or the number of units on the plan. We will look at how each individual user on the plan is utilizing the service and ultimately create a plan for the company based on this detailed information. Not only will we make the recommendation, but with approval, we will implement the changes ensuring a smooth transition with the Existing carrier. This is not a service being offered through their carrier, it is not in their best interests, this has nothing to do with the “discount plan” the customer feels they are getting.

Once we have optimized the plan, we will now manage the monthly expense looking for additional savings opportunities and errors. Managers can still add or subtract users as they see fit, but the client will now have a wireless telecom consultant on their side to make suggestions, working behind the scenes. In addition, we will monitor the bills looking for errors every single month.

Our fee is paid for success out of the savings derived through the optimization and the client now has a wireless auditor available to them anytime.

We are successful saving money almost all of the time and have hundreds of successful audits under our belts. Our audit managers all have carrier experience.

In order to “take a look”, to see if we can help…

We examine the past three monthly bills, compute the average monthly expense (the baseline) and with client approval, begin a very detailed analysis. Within a few weeks, we have completed the work and notify the client indicating the savings and outlining our recommendations. We manage the entire optimization process and the client’s savings go into effect in the next billing cycle.



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