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Telecom and Utility Reduction

Telecom and Utility Reduction:

Deregulation has added complexity to the telecom and utility industries over the past decade. It's a new world out there. Do you have the necessary understanding of what the new rules are to ensure you pay the lowest amount possible?

We will recalculate all billing that is suspect to verify charges. We attempt to verify meter read accuracy, demand charges, misapplied discounts and allowances, unapplied credits, power factor adjustments, and taxes. We will review the applicability of tariffs for possible misclassification by the utilities. We will review all overcharges to develop claims for refunds for the full length of term allowed by law that the overcharge may have occurred. We will discuss your case and negotiate with the utilities as needed. In some instances, we will proceed to file complaints against the utility before the Public Utilities Commission for any unresolved issue.

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