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Success Stories

Wireless Management and Optimization

As a result of a Wireless billing review, an Environmental Remediation firm was able to reduce their monthly spend from $11,000 per month to well under $10,000 per month. Even more dramatic is the reduction of $16,000 per month on a wireless bill of $30,000 per month that equates to almost $200,000 per year for a brand name apparel manufacturer. Just imagine the organic growth that money can bring through the hiring of more sales people.

Worker's Compensation

A home building company was interested in having an audit of their worker's compensation premiums. CPM's service provider researched the records and found that the company had been overcharged by $138,707 in the prior two years. The service provider was able to get a couple of earlier audits revised to reflect correct class codes. The insurance company did not want to make the changes, but with persistence and knowledge from the expert, the insurance carrier finally made the corrections that they should have.

Unemployment Compensation Management

An automotive dealership was pleased that significant recovery opportunities associated with some earlier dealership acquisitions were found. They were especially pleased that they were able to take advantage of a recovery opportunity that was about to expire due to statute of limitations.

Telecom and Utilities

A state's Comptroller's Office was interested in identifying refunds and cost reduction opportunities of its electric, natural gas, water, and waste water accounts. CPM's service provider found that the method being used by the state's water provider to assess waste water usage did not take several important factors into account. As a result, the requested refund adjustment is over $1,000,000. The refund adjustment is being pursued through friendly negotiations.

Waste Management

A Food Distribution Center was interested in knowing more about the possible savings of "going green." CPM's service provider was asked to perform a complete review of their recycling and waste management programs. After an in-depth analysis of the firm's programs, the client was very happy to achieve a savings of over $25,000 per year on an on-going basis.

Bank Depository Services

Our proven record of accomplishment shows our clients have enjoyed savings from the thousands of dollars to well over $1 million.

Real Estate Leasing

A financial advisory firm had an internal audit performed identifying the need for an outside consultancy to audit its lease contracts. The firm hired a large broker that performed the second audit uncovering no overcharges. A third audit was performed by a national broker that uncovered $15,000 but none of this was recovered. The fourth and final audit was performed by CPM's service partner. The audit identified overcharges of $1,400,000 of which 100% was recovered for the firm.

Insurance Coverage Audit and Review

A general contractor/construction manager specializing in ultra-upscale renovations of penthouses and townhouses in NYC needed help performing a risk assessment, and an analysis of their current insurance policy, loss mitigation services and ongoing risk management service. CPM's service provider performed an audit resulting in the client saving 35% on insurance costs.

Cost Segregation Studies

CPM's service provider has helped thousands of clients in a variety of industries. Here is a sampling of the savings for a few of the clients:

  • Restaurants: 20% to 45% savings
  • Hotels: 0% to 50% savings
  • Office Buildings: 20% to 35% savings
  • Wineries: 18% to 25% savings

Research and Development Tax Credits

An automotive manufacturing company invested millions of dollars in R&D work over a span of 4 years. In total, the company spent $14 million in that time period for plastic part manufacturing, rapid prototype modeling, AutoCAD design, aluminum prototype tooling, silicone tooling, injection, blow, compression molding and vacuum forming. CPM's service provider was asked to perform an R&D audit and uncovered $200,000 in net credits for the four tax years.



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