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Research and Development Tax Credits

Research and Development Tax Credits:

If your company has invested time, money and resources to the advancement and improvement of your company's product or processes, then you likely qualify for the federal R&D Tax Credit Incentive Program. But qualifying does not necessarily mean that you are aware of how or even what to qualify, and thus your opportunity may go unclaimed. With over $5 Billion in federal R&D tax benefits given out annually, shouldn't you look at your opportunity?

We utilize a comprehensive approach in both quantifying and qualifying credit amounts, which is the recommended approach by the IRS. Thus, for example, instead of identifying and documenting only 3-5 of the biggest projects conducted by a client in a prior year, we identify EVERY qualifying activity and tie it to every employee, time and wages and the corresponding sections of the code and appropriate legal documentation that substantiates the credit. This methodology gives you the benefit of reaping all credits available.

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