CPM Services Group is a Cost Recovery firm with national presence
and consultants located throughout the United States.



Cost Recovery Consulting

Cost Recovery has become increasingly more important to businesses as revenues have decreased and margins have eroded in today's difficult economic environment. Even in the best of times, businesses need to be vigilant about incurred expenses. This is where CPM Services Group can help.

CPM Services Group provides in-depth analysis and identification of overcharges of fees charged to you by your service providers. We look for billing errors, duplicate charges, overcharging due to unneeded services, and ways to reduce costs on a going-forward basis. This process helps you improve performance and add dollars to your bottom line.

Are you confident you are
being charged appropriately
for your business's needs?

Let us help you focus on running your business
while we spend our time finding areas of spending where you
have been overcharged or have needlessly overspent.

Our Suite of Services

The following is a partial list of our services. Click on the Services you are interested in to find out more detailed information about how we can help you recover overpayments in the following areas:



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