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Cost Segregation Studies

Cost Segregation Studies

Owning real estate for your business is an expensive proposition. How would you like to be able to accelerate the depreciation of your owned business real estate, resulting, on average, in $150,000 of additional depreciation per $1 million dollars in purchase or construction cost over the normal 39 year straight line method?

Cost Segregation is a tax strategy approved by the IRS in 1997 to reclassify specific real property assets that usually receive a depreciation life of 39 years (commercial real property) or 27.5 (commercial, residential) into "tangible personal property" that is treated as five (5) year property or land improvements which are treated as fifteen (15) year property for depreciation purposes. Due to improved treatment, portions of the electrical, plumbing, mechanical systems, and site improvements of a building along with hundreds of other components can be allocated into shorter lives translating into immediate cash flow.

Our team uses the "Detailed Engineering" method using costs from contemporaneous construction and accounting records. We use construction-based documentation, such as blueprints, specifications, contracts, job reports, change orders, payment requests and invoices to determine unit costs. Our expertise in all nuances of the 1997 ruling and our proven methodology helps you save your business money.

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