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Bank Depository and Credit Card Processing Audits

Bank Depository and Credit Card Processing Audits

Over the past 10 years, banks and other financial institutions have been under increasing earnings pressure. Service quality has suffered and fees and other charges have dramatically risen and shown up unexpectedly in your statements. Have you had the time to study your statements and terms carefully to see if you have incurred unbundled fees or other charges?

We offer specialized, industry-specific analysis of your current banking depository relationships and identify opportunities for your company to reduce the fee structures you currently pay. Using a proprietary software system, we perform a thorough and comprehensive fee and depository analysis. Our goal is to reduce your expenses and enhance your cash flow positions quickly and efficiently.

In addition, we will review all depository flows from the moment a deposit is prepared. We will evaluate deposit timeliness and track the amount of time your bank requires to make your funds available to you. We will also review cash orders, deposit tickets, bag processing, lock box arrangements, armored car pick-up and delivery, credit card processing, ACH transfers, back credits, night depository... leaving no opportunity overlooked.

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